About Us

Malaysia has some very well built highway (North-South Highway / East-West Link) which makes the bus travelling so easy. Every year, there are millions of commuters travelling around Malaysia via express bus service. With the increasing in demand, Malaysia has over 200 bus operators running express bus service across the country, from Singapore all the way to the border of Thailand, Hatyai.

ExpressBusMalaysia.com is created with the vision to provide the most comprehensive express bus service information in Malaysia. We collected the price, departure, route information of express bus service in Malaysia via several websites and on-site visit to some of the bus terminals. We think that it is important for the tourist / commuters to find out about the schedule before they travel, thus we created this website to makes their life easier.

Nowadays there are even some bus booking websites available online. The schedule are mostly real-time and the tourist can catch a bus ticket before they travel to Malaysia. The most popular website with comprehensive routes in Malaysia is BusOnlineTicket.com. The website has online booking service for some of the most famous route including bus from KL to Penang, coach from Singapore to KL etc.