Bus from KL Chinatown to Singapore

Departure point for bus from KL Chinatown to Singapore

KKKL Express is the only bus company providing boarding point at Chinatown, at Petaling Street Kuala Lumpur. The departure of KKKL Express in Chinatown is at 5 Element Hotel.

KKKL Boarding Point at 5 Element Hotel

This boarding point is especially convenient for those tourists staying in the guest house, inn and hotel around Chinatown (Petaling Street) area. Chinatown (Petaling Street) is one of the areas in Kuala Lumpur having the highest number of guest house, inn and hotel. KKKL Express check in counter is just at the lobby of 5 Element Hotel.

KKKL Express check in counter

Duration, Fare, Stops, WiFi and Notes

Bus Fare: RM50 or SGD19-30 (varies with season)
Duration: 5 hours
Stop: 1 washroom break along the Highway R&R
Wifi: Yes on regular bus (additional bus during peak season may not have wifi)
Route: Via Tuas Checkpoint to enter Singapore to avoid heavy traffics at Woodland Checkpoint
Note: After leaving Chinatown, the bus may or may not go Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) for second point pick up
Online Booking: www.busonlineticket.com and www.kkkl.com.sg

Activities While Waiting for Bus

Waiting for bus departure at bus terminal could be very boring, especially night bus, because you have nothing to do at bus terminal. However, choosing the departure from KL Chinatown to Singapore will not the problem. Reason is because there are so many activities can be done while waiting for bus at Chinatown.

Online at nearby 7-11 Store
Just few lots away from 5 Element Hotel, there is a cafe style 7-11 store with FREE WiFi service. Passengers can buy a cup of coffee sitting at the 7-11 store to enjoy the FREE Wifi serivce, while waiting for bus.
7-11 Store Chinatown

Eat Eat Eat
Chinatown is famous for the Malaysia style local street food. One can enjoy the food at any corner of Chinatown, while waiting for bus. Some good Malaysia style local street food are chicken rice, lok lok, bak gu teh, hokkien mee etc
Chicken Rice at Chinatown

Bak Gu Teh at Chinatown

Lok Lok Chinatown