Express Bus

Malaysia truly Asia is well known for its diverse culture and attractions. Every years, millions of tourist from all over the world visited Malaysia because of its popular destination and delicious food. The best and most convenient way to travel between cities is by express bus in Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur as the capital of Malaysia, is boosted with 2 major bus stations, known as Puduraya Central (Northbound buses) and Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (Southbound buses). There are many express bus companies in Malaysia such as Konsortium Express, Transnational Express, Sri Maju Express and many more. Some coach companies actually provide a super VIP seats with a big leg space with comfortable seats, Starmart Express even provide a massage seats to ensure you can enjoy a good massage along the journey to your destination. Some companies such as Five Stars Express and First Coach Express actually provides double deck bus and comes with in bus entertainment, where you can enjoy movies in the bus. Other companies such as Aeroline Express and Transtar Express actually provide food on board as well.


How to choose the best bus companies to serve your need, below are some of the advice that you can bear in mind when choosing the companies:

  • Punctuality of the bus departure timing
  • Cleanliness in the bus
  • Comfortable seats
  • Good and friendly bus driver
  • Well know routes for the companies

Below are all the express bus available in Malaysia, where several companies actually provides the whole Malaysia coverage routes such as bus from KL to Penang, coach to Malacca, bus to KL and many more.